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5 Of The Rarest Weed Strains on Earth

Every once in a while, weed enthusiasts will claim to have come across a strain like no other. Most people will have no clue about the particular strain in question and a discussion on whether that particular strain really exist or not will often occurs. But, do these these ‘mythical’ and ‘elusive’ strains really exist or are they just figments of people’s imaginations.

A Week of Green

When Is Green Week Again? Who doesn’t love a holiday devoted to green?! Sure, you aren’t technically off from work and the schools are still open, but last week in March was full of green! From the commemorative color of St. Patrick’s Day to the green in the eyes of...

Happy #420 Buddies!

From Forefathers to Foregone Conclusions Sure today is probably moving along swimmingly and you’re honoring (or planning to honor “420” after pretending your hardest to have a productive workday) the day the best way you know how. While we are on the subject, why are...

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