dispensary near me

Dispensary Near Me

When looking for a “dispensary near me”, you will find many cannabis dispensaries to choose from.  But who has the best selection, prices, customer service?  Here at Buds we believe in providing the best selection, customer service, and affordable prices on all of our Cannabis supplies and goods.  Since the beginning of our roots in 2015 we had one goal to provide a great selection of fresh and quality products at wholesale prices.

Colorado Dispensary Near Me

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Indica Dispensary Near Me

Indica Buds

We carry a wide variety of high-quality Indica strains that no other store in the area has and our prices can’t be beat!

Sativa Buds

Have you seen all of the rare Sativa flavors we have in the store? You must check them out!

Hybrid Buds

We have an amazing Hybrid cannabis selection that can’t be found anywhere but at buds ltd! Having multiple flavors is always a plus


Buds Ltd stocks and provides a large selection of extracts at price ranges everyone can afford!

Dispensary Near Me Edibles


Looking for delicious edibles that will get the job done without having to smoke? We have almost everything you can think of.


We offer a variety of different preroll options from bottom shelf to top shelf prerolls for very fair prices.

About Our Colorado Dispensaries

Colorado Dispensary Near Me

Our Dispensary

Not your average dispensary near me, we cater to the Buddie in everyone! Buds Ltd. is one of the most revered dispensaries with the ideal location right over the Colorado border. Our inventory of assorted marijuana, weed enthusiasm & consumption products, and cannabis-infused goods is available for anyone over the age of 21 and in the great state of Colorado.

The BUDS Dispensary Difference

We line our shelves with UNIQUE, first-class quality Marijuana. Satisfy your cravings with our Indoor Flo or argue you’ve reached your daily fruits & veggies requirements with our Pineapple Kush!


They know what we’ve got & you know what you want, so let your very own Budtender match you with the finest choice Bud that you need. From Budtenders to Budistas, it’s a customer service fiesta!

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Dispensary In Colorado – Calling All Buddies!

Stop by and experience our GREAT Selection of GREATER Quality at the GREATEST Location! Right over the Colorado line, countless locals and visitors alike make Buds a staple on their To-Do list. For years we’ve been devoted to the prime strands we all know and love! From Sativa to Indica, Buds Ltd. wants you to experience the excellence that’s growing within us all!

Parachute Colorado

104 Cardinal Way, Parachute, CO 81635, United States

Hours Of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 9AM – 11PM

Parachute Dispensary


Exit 75

De Beque Colorado

2034 I-70 Frontage Rd., Old, US-6, De Beque, CO 81630, United States

Hours Of Operation

Monday to Sunday: 9AM – 9:45PM

Debeque Dispensary


Exit 62

Buds Dispensary In Colorado

Setting the Bar High, as the Region’s Best Dispensary

We strive to provide all of our customers with a friendly experience at buds. All of our pricing structures are arranged to be extremely competitive and we focus on stocking a wide variety of cannabis products to ensure your experience.