When Is Green Week Again?

Who doesn’t love a holiday devoted to green?! Sure, you aren’t technically off from work and the schools are still open, but last week in March was full of green! From the commemorative color of St. Patrick’s Day to the green in the eyes of Julius Caesar’s senators, the week in March tends to be a fun reminder of the history behind the green traditions still honored.
Did we say you weren’t off from school or work; we may have told a little green fib if you are somewhere fully partaking in the 2016 SPRING BREAK! By now, you should be well aware of the benefits the great state of Colorado has felt since the first retail marijuana stores switched on those blinking OPEN signs. Things are looking pretty green light good-to-go! So what does that mean for the 21 and up spring breakers that choose a trip to greener pastures? It means a potential increase in tourist activity and spending. Spending what, you ask…GREEN for the GREEN!

Dear Budtender…What Should I Get?!

Oh Awesome 21+ Tourist, have no fear, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Choosing to stop into a dispensary while in town is genius, pure genius. Whatever school you’re escaping during spring break is clearly working! Let’s take a look at what will make you want to just transfer to Colorado State University!
Your delicious options are range from:

1. Strain Narnia – Not sure what strains you want (of that they even existed) but you know how you want to feel? Cue skilled Budtender. Discuss, examine and learn about the variety of strands we have perfect for achieving your personal marijuana goals.

2. Savor the Flavor – Hungry to graduate from inhalation to taste sensations? Check out the potent and effective recipes making up a delicious collection of edibles.

3. Infused & Amused – Concentrates, oils and waxes line the shelves as, arguably, the break out star of the THC lover.

So, welcome to the wide world of weed! Whether you’re a local eager to make Buds your home away from home, or an inquisitive (and legal) vacationer on spring break, or you’ve been dating Mary Jane for quite some time and looking to pop the question, Buds Ltd is ready and waiting to officiate the union (or reunion…you know who you are you blast from the past Wild Child)!