About Buds Dispensary

Here at Buds Dispensary, we have been thriving to provide top-notch cannabis products since 2015 including edibles, vapes, buds, drinks, and so much more!  Our employees are fast, friendly, and efficient at helping you make the best choice from our huge selection of products.


Dispensary Online Orders

With our fast and easy online ordering, you will have access to all of our products from the convenience of your home.


Vape Pens & Cartridges

We have a huge selection of THC, CBD, Vape Pens, & cartridges.  Come stop by and check out the selection.


Top Shelf Flower

Sometimes you feel like treating yourself to the best!  Nobody knows buds like Buds does!



Buds Ltd stocks and provides a large selection of extracts at price ranges everyone can afford!


Looking for delicious edibles that will get the job done without having to smoke? We have almost everything you can think of.


We have an amazing cannabis selection that can’t be found anywhere but at buds ltd! Having multiple flavors is always a plus!


Great Customer Service

We cater to the Buddie in everyone! Buds Ltd. is one of the most revered dispensaries with the ideal location right over the Colorado border. Our inventory of assorted marijuana, weed enthusiasm & consumption products and cannabis infused goods is available for anyone over the age of 21 and in the great state of Colorado.

Full Shelves

We line our shelves with UNIQUE, first-class quality Marijuana. Satisfy your cravings with our Indoor Flo or argue you’ve reached your daily fruits & veggies requirements with our Pineapple Kush!


They know what we’ve got & you know what you want, so let your very own Budtender match you with the finest choice of Cannabis that you need. From Budtenders to Budistas, it’s a customer service fiesta!

Buds Dispensary In Colorado

Setting the Bar High, as the Region’s Best Dispensary

We strive to provide all of our customers with a friendly experience at buds. All of our pricing structures are arranged to be extremely competitive and we focus on stocking a wide variety of cannabis products to ensure your experience.