Different Cannabis Consumption Methods Throughout History

Cannabis dates back to ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations from 12,000 years ago. These civilizations were always looking to optimize their processes including the production of fabric and rope. In a bid to do this, the same civilizations started to make use of cannabis and quickly realized its immense potential beyond those initial uses.

Since cannabis has played a substantial role in several renowned civilizations, it’s best to understand the different consumption methods throughout history.

Consumption of Marijuana

Before understanding the historic progress of marijuana among civilizations, it’s important to understand what consumption of marijuana entails. In general, marijuana has a fairly personalized effect on the human body, which means each experience is going to be unique. While generic reactions are a given, certain experiences are individual to the person consuming marijuana.

These subtle differences depend on a person’s genetics, gender, age, body composition, mental health, and even personality traits. Yes, all of these combine to create a unique reaction to cannabis consumption. 

This is always important to keep in mind while looking at cannabis and its use.

Different Methods of Consumption

1) Inhalation 

According to history, several scholars believe cannabis was consumed through “smoke” after it was burned by the ancient Indian civilization. However, others also believe the true meaning of smoking cannabis or inhalation was founded later on by the Iranians. They are also renowned for being the place of origin for the term “cannabis,” in the first place. 

Over time, inhalation has truly evolved into one of the more used methods of consumption in the world. For a lot of people, this is the only way they consume cannabis as it is the easiest for them to enjoy. In the past, ancient civilizations also held similar beliefs and felt inhalation was the best way to maximize cannabis and its potential. 

2) Food and Drink (Bhang in India)

Since humans were continuing to progress with their methods and wanted to understand all that cannabis could do, they also considered traditional ingestion using cannabis. This was done in a number of ways, but also become the number one option in India. For the average Indian, “bhang” (cannabis-filled drink) became one of the more popular beverages to consume for a good high. In their eyes, it was all about celebrating festivities, enjoying cannabis, and being able to consume it through simple drinks. 

This also did a good job of traditionalizing the use of bhang in these areas. Even to this day, Indians celebrate holidays with the consumption of bhang and believe it is a great way to enjoy themselves while getting high. 

Along with bhang, food and drink have always been considered a great way to consume cannabis. In other cases, people have used options such as brownies, candies, and other similar items to consume cannabis in a tasty manner. The added flavor can pack quite a punch according to those who pursue this method of consumption on a regular basis.

3) Traditional Medicine 

Let’s move onto the historic progress of cannabis consumption and how it was streamlined as time went on. Industrialization brought with it a number of new processes, which may not have been available in the past despite a civilization’s best intention. However, with new methods popping up, it became clear the world of medicine could use cannabis as a core ingredient. 

It was the British colonies in the 19th century that played around with this idea and got their brightest minds to study cannabis. They quickly realized how cannabis could be consumed with nothing more than a pill if necessary. It was all about controlling the process and prescribing it in the right amounts for the desired effect. 

To this day, traditional medicine has become fascinated with the application of cannabis for medical purposes. 

4) Cannabis Oil  

Cannabis oil can be consumed in many different ways, but it has become popular in the form of 100% organic creams. The average person can take a bit of this cream, apply it to their skin, and enjoy the effects it offers. 

In recent years, cannabis oil has become more and more successful as a way to consume cannabis. It’s easier to obtain and easier to consume. 

Final Thoughts

As mentioned here, cannabis and its history is a fascinating one with many ups and downs. It has faced several regulations along the way but has always managed to find a spot for healing and relaxing purposes. Its natural effects are world-famous and the history of consumption illustrates how popular it’s been since day one.
Whether it’s brownies, prescription drugs, cannabis oils, or even traditional pipes, cannabis consumption does have a place in society and brings along with it several advantages. It’s all about finding the right one and understanding how it’s going to impact one’s body before starting. This offers more control and ensures the process is a positive one!

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