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Buds Premium Cannabis – De Beque

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2034 I-70 Frontage Rd., Old, US-6, De Beque, CO 81630, United States


Hours Of Operation

Monday to Tuesday:
11 AM – 8PM
Wednesday – Sunday
9:00am – 9:00pm

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Recreational Cannabis Dispensary In De Beque, CO

Are you looking for affordable recreational cannabis in De Beque, Colorado? Then man oh man have you come to the right place. Buds Premium Cannabis Dispensary carries over 70+ Different flower strains and a huge variety of wax, dab, carts, edibles and so so much more!

If you have never visited one of buds cannabis stores then now is the time. We impress even the toughest cannabis connoisseurs with our rare cannabis strains and massive assortment of product. Did we mention that we have strains toppping 36% THC content? CRAZY RIGHT?! Come on down and check it out for yourself. We are right off the highway, you can’t miss us.


High Quality Rare Cannabis!
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Rare Cannabis Strains & Even Rarer Pricing Structure

When Shopping at our De Beque Cannabis Dispensary you are sure to see some types of strains and cannabis product you’ve never seen before. That’s because our team here at Buds work tirelessly to continue to bring our community with only their favorite THC products for a price everyone can love and respect.

What makes our Recreational De Beque Cannabis store different from the others? I think seeing for yourself and allowing you to come up with those reasons on your own is the best result. “Seeing is believing”

Trichomes on a cannabis plant
De Beque Cannabis Strain

Beautiful Cannabis Products handled with the utmost care

All of our products are handled in a clean and professional environment from start to finish. Our processing team goes to great lengths to ensure you receive only the best possible product. 

Experience the best De Beque cannabis dispensary when you walk in through our front doors and see the enormous product selection we offer all while maintaining a fun and friendly atmosphere. If it is your first time visiting our De Beque Location be sure to mention that it’s your first time and we will hook you up with some great discounts!

Buds’ Guide to Top 7 Experiences in De Beque, Colorado

  1. Explore De Beque Wild Horse Area: Home to a thriving population of wild mustangs, this area provides a unique opportunity to observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Guided tours are available, or you can explore on your own.
  2. Fish on the Colorado River: Known for its fishing opportunities, the nearby Colorado River provides anglers with a chance to catch various species. Whether you’re a seasoned fisherman or a beginner, the river’s calm waters offer a relaxing experience.
  3. Discover Local History: Immerse yourself in De Beque’s rich heritage by taking a walking tour of the town’s historic buildings. Visit the local historical society to delve deeper into the region’s past.
  4. Attend Wild Horse Days: If you happen to be in De Beque during this annual event, don’t miss the chance to celebrate the town’s wild horses. Enjoy family-friendly activities, local food, and entertainment, all themed around the wild mustangs.
  5. Hiking and Biking Trails: Whether on foot or on a bike, the natural surroundings of De Beque are best explored through its network of trails. Choose your path and difficulty level and venture into the beautiful Colorado landscapes.
  6. Enjoy Local Art and Crafts: Visit local galleries and shops to discover the works of De Beque’s artisans. Whether you’re interested in paintings, pottery, or handcrafted jewelry, you’ll find something that captures the spirit of the town.
  7. Savor Local Cuisine: No visit to De Beque is complete without tasting the local flavors. Whether it’s a meal at a hometown diner or a treat from a local bakery, the culinary scene in De Beque offers a taste of the region’s traditions.

De Beque, Colorado, may be small, but its charm and connection to nature provide visitors with a memorable experience. From the thrill of observing wild horses to the pleasure of a simple walk through town, De Beque invites you to slow down and enjoy the beauty of its unique culture and natural surroundings. Enjoy your stay!

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We provide high quality recreational cannabis products at an affordable rate!

Experience Fresh Premium Cannabis without Sacrificing Quality

When shopping At Buds Premium Cannabis Dispensary In De Beque, CO you are sure to fall in love with our friendly staff and product selection. Our secluded marijuana stores provides a discreet purchase from start to finish. 

We strive to be able to provide all of our customers with the absolute best cannabis product selection. We are a family owned and operated cannabis store that takes great pride in our reputation with our community. 

Buds Dispensary In Colorado

Setting the Bar High, as the Region’s Best Dispensary

We strive to provide all of our customers with a friendly experience at buds. All of our pricing structures are arranged to be extremely competitive and we focus on stocking a wide variety of cannabis products to ensure your experience.