From Forefathers to Foregone Conclusions

Sure today is probably moving along swimmingly and you’re honoring (or planning to honor “420” after pretending your hardest to have a productive workday) the day the best way you know how. While we are on the subject, why are we even AT work anyway? Who condones such blasphemy on the coolest holiday? At least of the holidays sans presents. Oh well, at least your Budistas showed up for their shifts! Buds Ltd is open and ready to help you pay homage to this particularly sweet smelling Hump Wednesday!

Five Funky Forefathers

Kudos to the “Waldos” for pulling off the massively multiplying, though originally unintentional, cultural game-changer with their “420” secret code. These forefathers were simply 5 high schoolers pulling off their own Dead Poets Society-esque afternoon delight! Meetings by their predetermined wall (hence Waldos) at 4:20pm would be triggered by one of them saying “420” in passing.

I had a secret language with my best friend in school but it involved the more encrypted pen-to-paper messaging approach. Later in the high school years it was a series of coded text messages but no one seems to be interested in our unique addition to the English language. Go figure. Perhaps our code didn’t gain ample traction due to the fact that marijuana was not the intended result of the messages…back then. Go figure.

Foregone, Foreclosed, Four-Twenty-Ever

History has been made, a date has been deemed, and there is not a darn thing daft naysayers and politicians can do about it. Other than using their own secret 420 code system. We know that you do. It’s ok, stop in to Buds Ltd and try one of our sativa strains to stimulate some original thoughts.

Buds loves the idea that the right publishing can build a brand and has throughout history. Now a days YouTubers do it along with the help of other social media channels and we now have the hashtag to help them along. So #Happy #FourTwenty…#happyfourtwenty!

How Do You Do?

How do you do what you do when you do it? Let us know what your plans are for that magical time on this magical date! Like us from your social chill spots and share your partaking pics.

Can’t find the right cannabis for the occasion? Give us a ring (diamond is fine but we prefer green sour apple candy rings…your choice) or stop by and get a whiff of the sweetness that is our Sweet Tooth hybrid.