Treating Nausea with Cannabis

Ever since cannabis was legalized in many countries, there was a growing curiosity on whether getting high was finally considered a medical treatment. Unfortunately, getting high is never the objective of any treatment. And, when it comes to using cannabis to treat nausea, the doctors have come up with a specific measurement that patients can take, but that too in the form of medicines and not rolling a joint. 

Causes of Nausea

Before you understand how to use cannabis to treat nausea, it is essential to know what causes it in the first place. Abdominal obstruction, homeostatic imbalance, prescription drugs, food poisoning, or general illness – the list is endless. Nausea makes you uncomfortable from within, and you immediately feel like vomiting. Your brain, nervous system, and the GI system all play a part when you feel nauseous. The best way to control the symptom is to restrict the receptors in the GI tract and the brain.

Nauseous episodes last for a short while, and although they go away with light medication, patients who have chronic nausea can feel uncomfortable throughout the day. It can be after a meal or after working for hours, and this uncertainty of the attack is what makes it dangerous.

Importance of cannabis for nausea

Unlike pain that is often isolated and localized to a particular area, nausea is a sensation regulated and created by the endocannabinoid system and the central nervous system. From sleep to mood swings, it is your neurotransmitters that regulate both pain and feelings. That’s why it is essential to deal with the neurotransmitters to control nausea.

One of the reasons why doctors are allowing patients to use cannabis in small quantities to treat nausea is it can treat the symptoms from their roots. The cannabis interacts with the pre-existing cannabinoid receptors in your body and disrupts the signals that tell your brain that you are feeling uncomfortable. Many patients complain they have the urge to lie down whenever they feel nauseous. It is the brain signals that ask them to lie down. As cannabis enters your body, it will block down these signals to nullify the symptoms.

However, if by cannabis, you think it is general weed that you need to take, then you are wrong. Doctors will only allow you to use the non-intoxicating cannabinoid or CBD to treat nausea. One reason why CBD is most useful to reduce nauseous symptoms is it works with serotonin releasing receptors. When you take this cannabis in small doses, it will alleviate both vomiting and nausea. Detailed research on the effect of cannabis for nausea shows that the non-intoxicating cannabinoid binds to the CB1 receptors. These receptors in the brain send signals like vomiting and the urge to lie down. When you take CBD or cannabis in the form of medicines, they react by blocking the CB1 receptors from sending such signals.

Patients going through chemotherapy are more prone to nauseous symptoms. This calls for a two-in-one effect using cannabis treatment. Doctors often suggest cannabis to these patients because they not only have to control the nauseous symptoms but also ensure that the patient has a positive state of mind.

Recent researches also prove that the raw or acidic form of CBD is more beneficial for patients suffering from nausea than the medicated ones. These react actively with the serotonin receptors to instantly curb the discomfort caused by nauseous symptoms.

Do you need to get high?

This is a common question from patients who think anything related to cannabis will make them high. That is not the case with cannabis treatment. As already mentioned, nausea can be regulated using generic medicines, and if it is a temporary thing, it will probably go away once you finish the treatment course. But if is chronic nausea or it is an after-effect of chemotherapy, you may have to use cannabis to recover. That does not mean rolling a joint and smoking weed. Instead, you will be using CBD as it has anti-emetic properties that make nausea and vomiting to go away quickly.

Where to start?

Cannabis is a relief for patients who feel nauseous because of the ongoing radiation or chemotherapy treatments. Although both CBD and THC have the potential to deal with nausea, it is better to avoid THC and use CBD. This is because CBD is non-intoxicating and will not create that high feeling. Experts believe that whole plant medicine is more useful for nauseous patients, but it is often tough to decide which cannabinoid profile you should start with.

Your first point of contact should be your doctor. It is never wise to try cannabis treatment or cannabis medicine without professional advice. If the doctor has not prescribed you any cannabis medicine before, you can expect a CBD-rich medicine that will have at least 0.3% CBD extracts in it. This is more than enough to react with the serotonin receptors. As you become familiar with the medicine, you may increase the dose but make sure you take the doctor’s advice.

Many doctors who don’t recommend cannabis allow their patients to have it if they feel nauseous due to radiation or chemotherapy. But it is important for everyone to understand what is a necessity and what is a luxury. Cannabis treatment for patients with chronic nausea or cancer is a necessity; but if you feel nauseous because of a hard day at work or you are pregnant, cannabis will be a luxurious affair because they are expensive.

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